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See Saw

Or wouldn't that more accurately be saw Saw? Anyway, I was bored and went to bittorrented both Saw and Saw II in honor of part III hitting the screen. I haven't seen a horror movie in god knows how long and I have to admit that my expectations weren't very high. I figured it'd be another case of a psychonutjob wandering around hacking peoples' limbs off. Horror movies seem to come in two categories nowadays, crazy nutjobs hacking people to death or weird occultist bullshit hacking people to death. Into that comes Saw, which seems to skew more toward thriller than bloody horror. Well, at least in the first film. I guess they had to amp up the gore factor to keep people interested for the sequel. I figure with that exponential function, they must simply dump a hogshead (Trivia for the day: 1 hogshead = 238.480943 liters) of blood on each person in the film for III.

The only thing that irks me about these two movies is that I just know there are impressionable idiots out there who watch them and then say shit like 'OMG!!1! Saw has totally changed my life!1!! I'm going to appreciate shit from now on11!'. Life is cheap, asshole. Yours most of all if all it takes is some horror flick to blow your mind. On the whole, of course it's nice if people took time out to truly appreciate life and what they have, but that would just run counter to the human condition. If we were thoughtful, grateful, and spiritually mature individuals, it'd probaly just fuck with the grand scheme of the universe. I'm sure either God or evolution wants you to be a self-involved, whiney bitch and who are you to fuck with that?
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