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Milking Bridezilla

So I've got a new little side business courtesy of my sister. For a time, while preparing for her wedding, she spent a lot of time on various bride/wedding/marriage sites. Since she's also a sort of Martha Stewart lite for this sort of crap, she was shopping around for ways to decrease the cost of the wedding by doing things herself. For example, she made her own invitations, wedding favors, and flower arrangements though with help from whoever was handy. One of the things she stumbled over were little coasters with 'Eat, Drink, and Be Married' printed on them. She picked some up to use for her wedding, and immediately found there was a market for that sort of crap on the websites she visited. She ended up picking up a bunch of them and selling them online. When the wedding came and passed and she got tired of the whole mess, she passed it on to me. So now I've got thousands of these coasters sitting around and spend part of each day communicating with brides. Not surprising how all of the people who have emailed have been women, eh? I guess you just don't see grooms-to-be endlessly surfing wedding sites looking for bargains.

One thing that really pisses me off about this is I never realized that USPS's mailing rates had changed so drastically. When did they start adjusting prices based on where teh package is going? It used to be just one flat rate based on weight. When I got charged 8 dollars and change for shipping something to california, I about near blew my top. It's fucking ridiculous. Now that gas prices have slid back down to something more manageable, I wonder if they can bring their rates back down. It's eating hugely into my profit margin.
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