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'I'm like a ray of sunshine. Cancerous.'

Feh. I'm still having sleep disturbance issues where I spend most of the day exhausted and never seem to get enough sleep but find myself up half the night. It's starting to get pretty irksome overall.

In non-sleep related news, I'll be leaving for anaheim in another couple of days for Gencon Socal. I'd like to say I'm looking forward to the trip but that would be a complete falsehood. Frankly, I'm viewing the impending journal much like I would view a kick in the nuts. I'm still feeling generally misanthropic (more than baseline levels) and would rather not have to travel at all. This will teach me to make plane reservations in the heady afterglow of a con. On the plus side, it could have been worse. I could have gotten it into my head to go to DragonCon. Then it would be the same hatred of all human beings mixed with a healthy does of wankjob furries, cosplayers, and otherkin. At least at socal, I can be pretty sure it'll resemble a ghost town.

Lets see, other than that, everything else has been inching along.

-My friend Brian knocked up his wife again only two months after she popped out the last rugrat. They had trouble getting pregnant the first time around and so hadn't expected this one to come around. Needless to say there seems to be some general angst going on there.

-It was DnD at the Bills yesterday and that went over pretty well. We ended up covering in a 5 hour session about 45 minutes worth of material. All in all, our group seems to meander more than anything else and things have a tendancy to just crawl along. I'm starting to think it'll be perdition before we finish this campaign.

-I'm still doing tanga puzzles each day and I feel sorta antsy that I'm going to miss a few due to socal. It's not even like the points are worth anything, but it's become a streak of sorts now. I'm starting to wonder if the hotel I'll be staying at has a buisness center with internet access just so I can log on to complete the puzzle each day.

-I'm almost completely caught up with Something Positive, a webcomic that the bills had recommended. It's pretty spiffy, though some of the characters make me want to commit homicide. The thing has a 10-year storyline apparently and is like it's own little soap opera of sorts with more bloody violence and coat hanger abortion jokes.
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