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Rippy the Razor says.....

I think there should be some sort of afterschool special starring Rippy the Razor. I was always appalled at the ignorance I found among goths and the like cocerning the proper way to slash one's wrist. And besides, educating our children should be everyone's primary goal.

That aside, it's the day before socal and I _really_ don't wanna go. Really, really. The flight time is listed as 6 hours plus and just the idea of that makes me feel sort of queasy. It probaly dosen't seem like it considering the amount of cons I travel to, but traveling of any sort is generally hard on me and the cons themselves aren't much better. It all extracts a pretty large measure of pain and unpleasantness and it surprises me sometimes that it's a price I'm still willing to pay. Of course, certain things make it easier like having a room to myself or not packing a schedule full, but usually I'm too cheap to take those options. So instead, it's a delicate dance of horror.

On the plus side, this is the last con I'll have to deal with until the end of January. Also, this is traditionally burnout season for me anyway. All I want to do is fly my misanthrope flag high and stay at home.
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