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Well, I started packing around 15 minutes ago and finished up in less than 10 minutes. There's really not all that much I need to haul around with me other than clothes and a crapload of treasure tokens. I've also started dragging around a fan with me most places and I find it's a nice and spiffy backup in case of temperature disputes.

I've also looked into voice-posting for LJ and it seems that since I turned on those advertisements, I'm allotted 5 of them a month. Weee. It looks like I get a 1 gig space quota, which should be more than enough for my uses. I figure I'll give the system a test whirl while I'm at gencon and if it goes well, it'll probaly become a regular feature for when I'm at cons with no net access.
Tags: gencon, lj-related

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