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Voice Post:

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“Well, I'm in sunny California, Anaheim. The fight was long... incredibly long. I think from what the captain said our plane was actually piled back at number 18 for take off. God knows how the hell we finally got off the ground but it felt like an eternity.
Overall, I guess it could have been worse. I had an exit row seat.
They served breakfast. And thanks to my sister I popped an Ambien (I think I like it). Once I got here it was basically finding my luggage, getting a shuttle bus over ot the hotel where I basically lounged and took a nap and I finally just made my way over to the convention center and saw that it's crap. Yeah, no surprise. Gencon SoCal... I swear if it got any smaller they could run it in a closet. The event book, words can not describe how depressing it is. I mean basically they had everything just shoved into one exhibit hall and the amount of space they've devoted to things like to poker and the segway challenge just really tells you that they've got space to fill. Not to mention the the exhibitors that are in there based on the names, it looks like most of them got these tiny little booths and are booth sharing out the whazoo. Like 8 companies are in one.
So, basically I'm lying here at the convention center just waiting around until will call so I can pick up my badge.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better with Disneyland.”

Transcribed by: sherilyn70
Tags: gencon, voice post

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