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Voice Post:

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“Hello Live Journal people. It is something like 7am in the morning. It's Saturday and I feel like crap. Umm, let me see. Yesterday ended up going pretty well. I did a True Dungeon run. For those of you who have read the entries before you know it's an interactive dungeon of sorts. I went through with a bunch of people from the forums, Mr. Shiney (Jeff) who I'm rooming with along with Randy (Keeper). I also got a chance to meet Feedback (?). For those of you who saw Who Wants to be a Superhero, Feedback (I think his name is Matt something or other) was actually on the True Dungeon forums before he had that opportunity and he was a big True Dungeon fan. So he was there outside the dungeon yesterday and I got to get a picture taken with him and he had these little cards where he was signing like semi autographs with it. He also said that apparently he's going through a run today later on tonight with MonkeyWoman, which should be a well... a barrel of monkeys. Yes, Randy's chuckling... he apparently found that funny which means it's just way to early in the freaking morning. Jeff has gone off to run his Cthullu game and I should still be unconcious but I'm feeling kind of crapy. So I'm going to sit here until I doze off again probably. Umm, there's not much interesting happening today. I'm running more Killer Bunnies games for Playroom pretty much from 1-6pm, that's all I'm going to be doing. I haven't really decided what to do with the rest of my time. The only thing interesting in the exhibit hall is I've managed to demo a couple of new CCGs. There's really not that much there. The World of Warcraft CCG actually seems pretty interesting, I was all ready to just laugh the hell out of it but it actually seems like a pretty interesting system. Now if only I played the online game and got to use stats of the ultra whatchamacallit rares. It seems kind of stupid to get involved in a game where you can't really get the full benefit of the cards that you end up paying through the teeth for.

Anyway, so that's about it for now. I'm leaving tomorrow for Jersey again and I'll probably make one more voice post either late tonight or tomorrow before I get on the plane. Then I'll be back to tapping out posts on the computer. I hope all of you have a good weekend.”

Transcribed by: sherilyn70
Tags: gencon, voice post

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