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A going away present

I think that the McDonalds at the airport might have gifted me with food poisoning. Ever since getting back my entire digestive system seems to be throwing a fit and that's never pleasant. On the plus side, at least it didn't strike while I was still at the airport or on the plane. Again, if at some point next year, I get it into my head to go to SoCal again you all have permission to kick me in the face. I've always felt that rampant stupidity deserves a suitably violent response, and that would certainly be a great demonstration of idiocy.

Due to exhaustion and the aforementioned food poisoning, I've yet to unpack or snag pictures from the digital camera. I'll try to get to the latter sometime later this week and post a few mini-recaps. I found that the more disgusted with the con I became, the less pictures I took so almost everything is from disneyland and the first couple of days. I'm pretty sure I didn't snap a single shot the last couple of days and just left the camera in the bag. I was pretty sure there was nothing I really want to remember and look back fondly upon.

On a LJ-related sidenote, I think the voice post thing is spiffy. It seems to have worked out really well and I'll probaly be using it more often, even when I'm not on trips. I get 5 of them a month and it seems that each one is taking up truly teeny amounts of storage space. At the rate i'm going I can make over 2000 voice entries without having to worry about overflow (which would take a minimum of 34 years btw. I'll be sure to make a note to get more storage space by 2040.) If you're truly unlucky, I might even decide to start singing on the thing.
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