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It's going to be the first thanksgiving without a turkey ever. Well, possibly ever. Certainly I have no memories of a thanksgiving without but my memory is spotty and I'm pretty sure that turkey at thanksgiving didn't appear until my sisters and I were actually old enough to ask for it. Regardless, it's still a turkeyless thanksgiving and it hasn't happened in decades at the least. It's an odd confluence of events that led to this sad circumstance involving a decrease in food purchases from shoprite and that no one apparently wanted to bother to pick one up when it wasn't free.

Anyway, it's not really the turkey that's important but the idea of a turkey. It's like having christmas without a christmas tree (err, I think that's been going for at least a half decade or so running) or easter without an easter egg hunt (2 decades on this one). Well, so my family and I have always been sort of spotty on following holiday traditions, but it's still sorta sad when one of the few remaining falls by the wayside.

I guess if I really cared I could have always run and gotten a turkey and stuffed it in the oven but it just wouldn't be my style. I've never been one of those people who seek out solutions and then work to see them come about. Standing back a ways and bitching about the outcome has always been more my thing.
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