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The Puzzlethon is dead, long live the Puzzlethon

Over the course of 24 hours and change, from 10pm last night to around 11pm today, I've been working on tanga's Puzzlethon. I'm not sure I ever mentioned tanga in the LJ, but I know I discussed it on a couple of other boards. Basically it's a website that's either allied with or even run by some of the people behind BoardGameGeek. They decided to start a company that was a little like woot which basically offers a daily deal at largly discounted prices. The incentive is for every person to check in each day at the moment the new deal is revealed because if it's a good one, it's going to sell fast. Tanga has sorta become the woot for gamer geeks due to the fact that they offer boardgames. You can buy up to 3 of any item for the same shipping cost so the incentive is to pick things up in bulk. (On a sidenote, I've picked up a ton of stuff for christmas presents this year)

Anyway, to hype the site before it debuted, they offered daily puzzles you could solve for 'tanga points'. To this day, it's never been fully explained what those points will be used for, but the response was so positive that they continued on with it even after the website opened. Yesterday was their celebration of Cyber Monday and featured a puzzlethon, a puzzle every hour for 24 hours and a prize to the top 10 finishers. They also offered a lot of really kickass deals on various items.

Because of the puzzlethon, I sacrificed a lot of sleep and have been more or less churning away at the site with pauses for naps and downtime. I managed to get all 24 of the puzzles and I figure I have a 1 in 50 chance to get the prize. Because of some server issues, the puzzlethon has been extended. If you're interested in giving it a shot, it'll go until 7am pst. I pretty much have a list of the answers I can give you but if you win we have to split the prize :P.
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