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Christmas Present!

Woowoo. I just got a present in the mail from Vashka. She really went all out here. Not only did she include presents for me, but there's a holiday candycane rawhide chew stick for each of the dogs. I wish I had the hookup cable for my camera so I could take pictures but I guess it'll have to wait until I get back to chicago. As for me, I received "Unusually stupid americans: A compendium of all-american stupidity" by Kathryn and Ross Petras (I assume they're talking about liberals and assorted leftists) and "The handy science answer book" compiled by the science and technology department of the carnegie library of pittsburg. It's spiffykeen. Just by flipping through it I've already discovered that 'hoeing' consumes 300-360 calories per hour. Now all I have to do is chat with Molesta and see how many her brand of 'hoeing' consumes. Maybe she can give up jogging if it's high enough :P. Vashy also included a coupe of green blow pops in the mix. It's so spiffy I could cry....if I hadn't had my tear ducts removed when I was a teenager.

It does make me feel kinda bad that my present to her was delayed though. I ordered something that they couldn't split and ship seperately so it had to wait until I get back to chicago to sort it out. I think she's going to find it spiffy but it must kinda suck to go through the effort of making sure your presents to other people get there before christmas and then get hosed in return.

As a note to all of you reading this, I frankly do not mind when the presents arrive as long as they arrive. This should give plenty of time to you late starters to still send in your gifts to me. You have the address. There's still time to shop. Hop to it.

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