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Sharing means Caring

Yes, I know I said I was going to go to bed, but it just didn't work out. Instead I wandered downstairs and watched a bit of tv instead. I got to see an absolutely disgusting method of making vinegar by hand in china, which makes me vaguely nauseous just to think of it, and then an episode of Murphy Brown. It's a good thing I loathe vinegar to begin with since I doubt I could consume it after seeing how they make the damn thing. Even if it's all mechanized now, that show has scarred me for life on the product.

I also caught a bit of news which informed me that today is World AIDS day. Spiffy. All too often in our lives we go through the day and never think about certain problems that impact the world. That's why it's valuable to have days like this set aside so we can all pause to reflect and try to do our part. I hope every one of you out there will go and give someone teh aids in honor of World AIDS day. Remember, Stabby the Virus says only you can help spread deadly diseases.
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