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Capitalism has failed me

For the first holiday season in ages, I don't want anything. None of the new gadgets out seem to really interest me and I can't think of any gizmo that I actually want. I've got a MP3 player that works just fine, my computer hasn't croaked on me yet, the new game consoles aren't of interest, my digital camera is still too good to toss, etc. There's almost nothing I need and of course, this would just happen to be the time when retailers are going around slashing prices on all sorts of things. Google has even gotten into the mix offering $20 off every purchase of $50 or more at and there's absolutely nothing I want.


It's just a disapointment really. I thought that corporate greed was supposed to fan the embers of material desire and make me want things. They've certainly failed in their duty this year and without an unholy need to obtain electronics and other goods, I feel sorta empty. Maybe I should just go out and buy myself a Nintendo DS lite or something. I don't really want it and I'll probaly never really use it, but it wouldn't seem like the holiday season without buying something.
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