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Bah Humbug

Nothing really interesting lately. Sleep disturbance. Increased levels of discomfort and pain. My first ever chest x-ray. Couple of D&D sessions.

I still feel more blah than usual and it's probaly just par for the course considering the time of year. I'm doing my best to play the role of a shutin whenever I'm not absolutely forced to leave the house. Just don't really want to deal with anything at the moment and chalking up the days as they pass.

About the only even semi-enjoyable thing I've done lately is put together a few template D&D characters for shits and giggles, seeing if I can get the rules to synergize. Ya, I know, but it's at least keeping me occupied. If you're really unlucky, I might even tell you all about my characters one of these entries.

I figure I'm only a few days short of stabbing myself in the neck with a screwdriver.
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