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Asshat writers

Everyone raved. Everyone cheered. Everyone watched. OMG! Look how ballsy Battlestar Galactica is with the Iraqesque storyline! OMFG! The humans are insurgents which means that the insurgent nutjobs in bahgdad are good and the US forces there are just like Cylons!

Anyone who expressed such insipid crap after the start of the season might as well have had sucker painted on their foreheads. It was such an obvious and cynical gimmick on the part of the writers and people couldn't wait to gobble it up. The entire clusterfuck of a first episode was enough to make me stop watching the show completely up until a day ago. I thought I'd give it another look and see if maybe it wasn't just a trite and transparent way to garner ratings. Maybe the storyline would actually develop to something with more depth and redeem itself. Less than two more episodes in and it's already game over. The entire occupation and New Caprica storyline is already dead and everyone has limped their way off that pointless rock. It seems the only point of having them even settle there was so that the writers could capitalize on the war to try to garner ratings. In the end, the entire detour of settlement and occupation seems to have held no real lasting significance to the plot whatsoever. It was almost as pisspoor as Star Trek: Generations, though at least there it setup a new ship and a sassy and newly emotional Data.

BTW, why the fuck would you blow up the better and stronger battlestar (Pegasus) to save the shitty and decrepit one (Galactica)? Why not just evacuate the people from the latter to the former instead of vice versa?
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