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Pain in my neck

Welp, it happened again. I managed to pull something in my neck a week ago and had just recovered from it when I did it again on the other side last night. Maybe I've been thrashing about while sleeping or I ended up at a weird angle but it's ticking me off. It hurts and makes any head movement crappy. My mom ended up sticking some chinese medical pad on it that's supposed to sit there for a while and I must admit it's feeling better. The stuff smells like a mixture of vic's vapor rub with God knows what else but if it works, I've got no complaints.

As of today, half of my vacation is also over. Haven't done anything of interest nor accomplished those few things I did have on my list. I need to go out and purchase a few picture frames among other things but just the thought of the lines and crowds leaves me feeling a bit bleh. Not sure if I want to wade through that whole mess. Welp, if all else fails my backup plan is just to go grab my MP3 player, flip on an audiobook, and just loaf away anther day.

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