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The full-service semen carwash

It's been a while since I jotted anything down about the Duke Lacrosse case, mostly because there hasn't been much more to say. The case is an absolute train wreck and the best example I've seen of prosecutorial misconduct since stories about southern lynch mob trials back half a century ago. Things had gotten so bad for the case that even Justice 4 Two Sisters folded up its tent and made a bee-line for the hills. About the only people who still believe that this case isn't Tawana Brawley redux have been chewing lead paint chips for too long. That's why it's with some surprise that this week turned out to be another benchmark in seeing just how low the prosecution case could slide.

First, the week opened with Rep. Walter Jones of North Carolina asking the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate whether there have been civil rights violations in the case. Then today there has been reports released showing that earlier DNA testing in the Duke lacrosse rape case found genetic material from several males in the accuser's body and her underwear but none from any team member. More specifically, the DNA was apparently located in her anus, vagina, and all over the underware, consisting of both skin cells and semen.

To recap for those who might not be aware, the accuser claimed that she had last had sex with her boyfriend and that had taken place a week ago. Second, the boyfriend's DNA was not found among the DNA stew in her crotch. Lastly, this DNA information was never turned over to the defense by the DA and was only found when they went to the lab directly. That means the DA knew before he charged the players that there was this DNA there and that it didn't match anyone at the party and that the accuser, who we assume he has to believe, states that the only semen on her could have only come from attackers since she has not had sex in a week. Amazing, eh? Some people are alledging that there is also some sort of conspiracy to keep this evidence withheld since the DA specifically requested that they not be sent an official report about the additional DNA found. After all, if they didn't have the report officially in hand, they wouldn't have to turn it over as exculpatory evidence.

I can't wait to see this case really blow up and lead to conspiracy and prosecutorial misconduct charges.

*It just gets better and better. Hot off the presses: Duke Lacrosse Accuser About to Give Birth. 9 months and 1 day after she claimed she was gang-raped at the party, she'a about to pop out a rugrat. Fucking amazing. Even better, during the rape exam the night of the supposed attack, she was given a pregnancy test which was found to be negative and had been given the morning after pill as a precaution. Niiice. Perhaps it's not directly exculpatory but it does seem a bit weird to have a supposedly traumatized gang-rape victim getting knocked up almost immediately after the claimed attack.
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