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Things are a misery. I should just take more of the pain meds instead of engaging in rationing like normal. It's to the point where almost each moment of the day is unpleasant to some degree. It's something that really just grates on you hour after hour, day after day. You might not die from pain, but after a while you start considering that it might be the lesser of two evils.

I stopped by a Borders today and used up all of the money in that holiday savings account that I had accrued throughout the year. It added up to a bit over $25 and I picked up quite a few books for that amount. The newest Wheel of Time book was on clearance and I scooped it up along with New Spring. I haven't followed the series since around 3 books ago, but I figure I'll get back to it one day. The only downside is that the series might never get finished. As I posted a while back, Robert Jordan's has a medical condition that's normally fatal, and has a median life span of a year or so.

I also picked up a couple books by Neil Gamian, American Gods and Anansi Boys. The only thing of his i've read before was Good Omens and I had liked that quite a bit. Of course, that was in conjunction with Terry Pratchett, and I've always liked his work. It's hard to know who contributed what to the final product.

Lasty, it looks like Tad Williams has returned to epic fantasy. I had liked Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn, but the Otherland novels just didn't do it for me. I never could manage to get past the first book. The sci-fi elements just never interested me. Hopefully the return to swords and sorcery will make the difference.
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