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Game Over

Well, it's almost a certainty that the Duke Lacrosse case is dead on its feet, though the final indicator is a bit unusual. Saturday Night Live produced a skit about Nancy Grace and the case and repeatedly points out that it's a hoax. When that happens, you know that the credibility of the entire prosecution and alleged victim is less than nothing. If there was still some doubt in the air, there's no way that SNL would have stuck out its neck. After all, if you're going to call a supposed rape victim a fucking liar, you had better be sure she really is full of shit. Otherwise, the fallout would tear you apart. A good chunk of the media is also finally starting to follow suit with the new revelations. Most of them had been unconscionably silent on this after the initial blood frenzy. I can understand caution, but at some point you have to call a lying whore, a lying whore. Both she and Nifong should be crucified.

Ho, Ho, Fucking Ho.
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