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Go, go, misogyny!

Spike TV is having a Star Trek: Voyager marathon this week and catching an episode or two has reawakened my loathing for the series. It was responsible for the downslide of the franchise into crap IMO. I dunno that it's a root cause, but it certainly wasn't auspicious that the flop came just as we had our first female captain. Janeway was the suXXors compared to those who had come before her and Voyager itself sucked as a ship. I seriously doubt she's anyone's favorite captain and was lacking in just about every way. The only interesthing part about the ship on the otherhand was that the warp nacelles moved when they went into warp. Woooo. How exciting. They would have been better off if instead of Voyager, the series had gone with the USS Prometheus. Multi-vector assault modes kick ass! It's like mixing star trek with voltron, and what geek wouldn't love that? If they could just have federation ships join to form a giant robot, the circle would be complete.
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