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Tanga is accepting puzzle submissions and I sent one in. I figured I'd share it here and see if anyone had any other suggestions for good puzzles.

In case you have no clue what I'm talking about, Tanga is a semi-new, woot-like site that offers daily deals for a discounted price. A good chunk of the time it features boardgames, which is why I'm over there really. It also has a daily puzzle to solve for which you receive Tanga Points, which can be used for auctions and other goodies. The puzzles are alternately entertaining and frustrating and it's gotten to be a habit for me to solve them each night. The type of puzzle is about as eclectic as it gets from simple verbal puns to complex whozits that require a printer and a pair of sissors. About the only thing I haven't seen yet is a mathematical puzzle. Hmmm...maybe I should think up a couple of those and pop them in.

Anyway, here's my puzzle for those of you interested. The answer is one word and to sweeten the pot, I'll give a prize to whoever solves it first. I have no clue what that prize might be off the top of my head, but I'll sort out something.

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