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Christmas Eve Eve

Blah and double blah. If holiday cheer were money, I wouldn't have enough to buy penny candy. I'm not to the point where I'm going around stepping on puppies, but there's a distinct lack of jolly.

My plans over the next couple of days are pretty mundane. There's one last game day for this year at the Panera later today and I'll have to decide whether it's worth wading through the masses of humanity to attend. Then tommorrow, it'll be spending most of the day at the resturant with family. My uncle James wants to have a game day of sorts, having missed past oppertunities to give my vast stockpile of games a whirl. That might be sorta fun, ecspecially since depending on the games played, I'll have prizes/presents to hand out for the winners. I don't think anything is happening on christmas itself, though a large group of family is heading down to DC.

Le sigh.
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