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The View from Abroad

It's always interesting how different people and cultures around the world might view an ongoing event. In this particular case, I stumbled over an article about the Duke Lacrosse case in The Times of India. Surprised the case was even receiving international attention, I thought I'd take a peek at the article to see what the people there were reading about it. It seemed pretty prosaic, and resembled every other story that was coming off of the AP wires, discussing the dropping of the rape charges and the accuser's recanting of vaginal penetration. What was amazing was the title of the piece, which I have to believe was this newspaper's own.

How unnatural sex saved Duke University players

WTF? Did someone even read the article before slapping the headline on it? I'm not even sure what is the most disturbing part about the sentence. Whoever jotted this train wreck down deserves some sort of award for jackassery.
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