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I want cupcakes

So there I was watching the westwing marathon. Which I must state for the record is nothing but a thiny veiled tool of the radical leftist wing of the democratic party intent on poisoning and subverting the minds of the american people. It's propoganda and absolute subertive bullshit meant to twist reality until these fucking socialists can twist their extremist agenda into something approximating normality and rationality. That being said, it's the only thing interesting on tv right now. So I'm watching and one of the characters, after offering up a few of stiletto feminism, marches off to get a cupcake. Now I want a cupcake. Hell, I want a few cupcakes, maybe a half dozen. With icing and lotsa sprinkles on it. Either white or yellow cake underneath, no chocolate. I really really want a cupcake or two god damnit. I could venture out I guess and try to find some....but that would entail putting on pants (shorts spiffy) and finding a spare car. Not to mention even finding a place that sells cupcakes. i could go to the supermarket and get the fixin's but I don't bake and the oven dosen't work anyway. This sucks. I want a fucking cupcake.

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