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Too much of a good thing

Dice are pretty spiffy. I've got a couple hundred sitting around in all sorts of hues, shapes, sizes, and material. I even recently picked up a set of 'Doh!' dice which instead of a face with '1' on it, have 'Doh!'. As much as I like dice, I think some people have gone a wee bit too far with using them to determine random events in their games. There are now weather dice, for when you can't decide whether it should be sunny or raining in your campaign. There are body location dice when you just can't decide if that last crossbow bolt lodged in someone's stomach or in their knee. There's even a set of pizza toppings dice to determine what goes on the pie when you call for a meal break.

While all of this is a bit nutty, I think I found the ultimate in crazy. I introduce to you, the Kama Sutra RPG dice.

WTF, right? I guess you roll this when you can't decide whether the whore at your inn should be on top or not. Also, maybe it's just me but that '5' there is a bit suspect. It dosen't look like a sexual position as much as someone is getting their ass asphyxiated.

Whoops. Sorry, Brian. It looks like I rolled 'death by choking' on the kama sutra dice. Better roll up a new character because Torgar's a corpse. I told you that you shouldn't have haggled on the whoreprice.
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