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Only a million points left to go

Coke Rewards suck. This arguably sucessful campaign to have people enter codes from coke products in order to accumilate points and earn rewards might have been great in concept, but it bites it execution. I've been entering these shitty-ass codes since the promotion began and am currently just shy of 300 points. What wonders of wonders can I now receive? A pair of Women's Purple and White Sisco Shorts from Addidas (woohoo) or equally useless crap.

Whatever happened to the good old days when there were nice things to redeem in these sort of promotions that didn't end up costing millions of points? I imagine that my total of just sub-300 is actually pretty decent when you consider how much coke that represents. If all of the points came from 2-liter bottles, it would mean that I've entered the codes from near 100 of them. That would be over 105 gallons of coke and, from a more practical standpoint, the Death By Caffine calculator tells me that there's enough caffeine in there to kill a 372 pound person.

The sad thing is, even the prizes at the top end of the scale are pretty shitty like the hood from Kyle Petty's race car for 24k. Wooo. Just what I always wanted and if I went out and bought 8,000 bottles of coke, it could be mine!
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