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War of mutual destruction

Over on sissyfight, darken posted a link to a BBC article reporting on research that showed that housework prevents breast cancer in women. I found the results hilarious, and of course was curious to see how some of the feminazi's out in blogdom were handling the news. It didn't take long before I was swimming through posts and comments ranting about how 'the patriarchy' was putting out these studies in order to oppress women. It's along the same lines as conspiracy nuts who ramble on about the new world order or, as gazpacho found recently, when hippies lose an election.

It's hard not to wish that we could somehow ship feminazis over to Iran or into the hills of Afghanistan/Pakistan where they could fight a war of mutual extinction. The Taliban and Mullahs would have their ak-47's and undulating camel yells while the feminazis can bitch and complain about the "violently tyrannical but nearly invisible social order based on an oppressive paradigm of class and status fetishizing dominance and submission". No matter who loses the battle, everyone else wins.
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