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What the Iraq War has taught me

So this started as a comment response to jirel's posting of an Iraqi's take on the war and recent events. It eventually got a bit far afield of saddam's execution so I thought I'd just revamp and put it here instead of clogging her comment link.

I think what I've learned in this whole Iraq mess is that we can't assume that everyone will be rational human beings. I'm not saying that the Iraqis are subhuman, oh wait, I think I am. This is what happens when you try to give people a chance for freedom when they're too stupid and/or barbaric to actually appreciate the oppertunity and make something of it. The US hasn't gained diddilyshit in this mess and yet we're still there all this time hoping to give the Iraqis the time to sort themselves out.

Maybe we should have just left the minute we found that there were no readyset WMDs. I still think it would have been irresponsible not to have verified that fact considering that just about every single government's intelligence agency believed that Saddam had something brewing and it was clear he was refusing to fully open up for weapons inspectors. Certainly in hindsight, that looks like the better option to have conquered and just left. It might have been idealistic to believe that we could give the Iraqis democracy and they would really free themselves from the dictatorial bonds that had held them, setting up a new society where all would have a say under the rule of law. In the end, it became what I imagine would happen if I gave a pack of mad dogs democracy except those turban-headed fuckers over there are less likely to lick themselves.

I tried really hard to buy into the whole, 'all men are equal' and that it was worthwhile to spend american blood and money to help others, assuming that they would, like rational people, want to be helped. I tried really hard to see the bright side and hope that the Iraqis would eventually come to their senses and work together. I tried but the cold light of reality simply cannot be ignored anymore. It was wrong of us to try to stay and help the Iraqis and they never deserved or earned it. We should simply pull out at this point and let them kill themselves like dogs in the streets. If they don't even value their own lives, I don't see why any of us should care, nor why american lives should be spent upon it. Frankly, I'm frustrated enough at this point that if this were Species Survivor, I'd vote the entire country of camel fuckers (except the Kurds) out of the human race. They're animals, killing each other for scraps of meat and dominance.

It's often been asked if an american life is somehow worth more than an Iraqi one, and it's something that jirel's Iraqi poster mentions at the end. The answer to me is clear that yes, an american life is worth more. I couldn't help but come to believe so after viewing the Iraqis with their death squads and other bullshit. Let them kill one another if they want and maybe one day they'll crawl out of the pit of barbarity, but no more americans should have to die to give them the oppertunity to do so.
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