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Holiday Party at the Bills

Just got back and it was spiffy as always. I even came out of it with some presents to boot. In particular, I got a few musicals/soundtracks (Urinetown, Wicked, and the new Nightmare Before Christmas album), a copy of South Park Uno, and a spiffy t-shirt with dead stick figures on it. I'll eventually get around to snapping a picture of the latter since the message pretty much fits me to a T.

I also ended up handing out quite a few gifts, most of which in the form of various board games. I didn't quite know who would want what so in the end, it became a grab bag senario. I put representative items inot a bag and had everyone draw one out. They ended up getting whatever game matched the item. It made things a bit easier than trying to figure out what each person would want presentwise.
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