In the darkness the trees are full of starlight (henwy) wrote,
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Bile Meter points to E

I'm tired and I don't even have the energy left to spit vitriol at the world anymore. I think I might have left my loathing floodgates wedged a little too wide and before I even noticed it, I had used up all it all up. Things have been crappy but I just can't seem to find the resources to rail at it anymore. Not that standing on the topdeck of a ship during a storm and shaking your fist at the Heavens is likely to garner results anyway. All it does is make you feel better for a bit. So no more hating until my reserves recover a bit. If any of you were planning to tell me about something insanely stupid just for the entertainment of watching me go apoplectic, you might want to save it for a week or two.
Tags: blah, tired

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