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Objection overruled

One of the Bills had gotten a jury duty summons a week or two ago and we had been discussing it recently when I came to the conclusion that I would love to be on a jury. In the past, I've always chucked out the notices, but now I almost wish I could get a another chance to serve. I want to go in and with great obfuscation, actually get to hear a case. This would obviously mean that I would have to fail to disclose years of education and cling to claims of ignorance about most things. Then I can have my dream of staring in my very own version of 12 Angry Men, in reverse. To be the lone holdout from setting the defendant free, I would weave cunning and incisive arguments which point to guilt. Things like 'Well, why would they charge him if he weren't guilty?' or 'He looks exactly like that serial killer, (insert closest serial killer's name here). He's probaly killed a bunch of people and gotten away with it.' Slowly, I would persuade the other recalcitrant jurors and they would eventually come around, acknowledging my superior arguments and we would return with a unanimous verdict of guilty. I could then punch my fist into the air in victory and wait for the next jury duty notice to arrive.

I'm probaly the kind of person that defense attorneys and criminal defendents have nightmares about.
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