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Yet another version of the story

Duke LAX Accuser Changes Story - Again

Defense files motions to drop charges against Seligmann

(01/11/07 -- DURHAM) - The accuser in the Duke lacrosse sexual assault case told prosecutors in December that one of the three players charged did not commit any sex act on her during the alleged attack, according to court papers filed Thursday by the defense.

The attacker identified as Reade Seligmann only watched, she told an investigator, the papers said. While he was repeatedly urged to take part in the alleged attack, she recalled, he said he could not participate because he was getting married.


The defense motion includes the investigator's report of the Dec. 21 interview, during which she made several other changes in her account of the March 13 party where she and another woman were hired to perform as a strippers.

Among them, that the attack occurred much earlier in the evening -- between 11:35 p.m. and midnight -- than she had first reported. The initial police report on the case suggested the alleged attack took place about midnight.

The new timeline would put the attack outside of the apparent alibi window established by Seligmann's attorneys, based on records that include ATM receipts and cell phone records.

But the defense motion said the accuser's cell phone records show that she was on her on the phone during part of the time she now says she was attacked. Records also show Seligmann made a call on his cell phone during that period, the defense said.

Time-stamped photos and records of a 911 call made by the second dancer also indicate the women did not leave the party until shortly before 1 a.m., nearly an hour after the alleged attack ended under the new timeline. In an April written statement, the accuser said she and the second dancer left the party immediately after the alleged assault.

In the Dec. 21 interview, the woman also changed her physical description of one her attackers and said at least two of her attackers used multiple names during the alleged assault.

Boom. Bombshell after bombshell. It's almost hard to believe that this case is still trucking on and still paying dividens. There's that Newsweek story which covers the impact of the charges on Reade Seligmann and his family and now this. Oh, btw Reade....That lying whore that's been claiming you viciously raped her? Umm, well, she now says that you didn't actually do it. Sorry about the last 9 months or so. No hard feelings, right?

Funny how mikey dropped the charges on rape after the lying whore claimed she couldn't tell if there was a penis in her cha-cha, but kept on with the sexual assault charges against Seligmann even though she now claims he wasn't involved in the supposed assault itself. The earlier timeline should also be a barrel of laughs since Roberts and the lying whore's boyfriend already made statements to the police that she didn't get there until around 11:55 that night. It's clear she's trying her best to rehash and refit her statements so they fit some of the facts known and try to avoid evidence showing the entire thing was a fabrication. The problem is, there's no story that will fit even most of the evidence and point to the liklihood that a crime was committed. It's like a tall man trying to cover both his head and feet with a short blanket. No matter which way she pulls, her lies are exposed.
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