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Race and worldview

There's nothing more satisfying when arguing with someone online and not being white. There are few things that are more spiffy. The reason it's so wonderful is because you realize pretty early on that the weapon of choice of most self described leftists is the political correctness version of the H bomb, the 'R' word. They love to sling and play the racism card and it's absolutely hilarious when they assume that because you have a conservative outlook you must be lily white. It's funny that these idiots never even realize that these very assumptions they're making are more indicative of their own racism and generalizations. My current amusement has to do with a Latest Posts picture of the day from a while back displaying the WWAD picture. To see some schmuck frothing at the mouth about how it's horribly racist and tossing off the, you wouldn't find it funny if you were asian line, was just perfect coming from some true honkey. Still, being asian isn't really the coup de grace in this sorta thing....I'm certain that black conservatives run into this even more often and it must be tons of fun. The very idea that skin color should somehow mandate your world view...who else but leftists could have come up with something like that. Morons.

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