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Macking in the dungeons of doom, scoring $, ), and bitches

Over the past week or so, I've rediscovered nethack and I've been spending a good chunk of time trying to retrieve the Amulet of Yendor. Nethack and Larn were two of my favorite games back in the days of dos when men were men and only pansies needed graphics. I don't think that I've ever even beaten nethack and there's a reason it's commonly regarded as one of the hardest RPG games ever put together. Even with excessive cheating through save scumming (saving copies of the game elsewhere so they aren't erased when you die or get a result you didn't want), it's a hell of a slog.

It's sorta sad that games nowadays don't have the depth of those old line and text days. What's really sad though is that even if someone did take the time to add all those features, it's unlikely anyone would have the patience to learn all the commands. The learning curve on nethack is steep as hell.

Anyway, to celebrate my love for nethack, I searched around online and found a cool nethack t-shirt. It would be a crime not to have picked one up.

Here's a spiffy little comic introduction to the world of nethack.
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