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I got cupcakes today. 5 of them. They're all pretty and spiffy but damn expensive. My sister ran out to the local bakery and picked up a half dozen for 6 dollars. Of my 5 I still have 3 sitting around...a pink topped one, a yellow topped one, and a blue topped one. I took pictures and everything, though I can't post them without the USB connector I forgot in chicago. Very sad.

I also went out today with my mom and sister to the supermarket upon which I saw the coolest thing ever. Peppers! Huge, bigass peppers in all sortsa different colors. Red pepper, green peppers, yellow peppers, orange peppers, etc. It was superspiffy, even if I don't care for peppers personally. They just looked really firm and bright and pretty. How many people do you know actually go into ecstatics because of peppers?

Ovrall, very spiffy. Still no frames though.

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