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Chinks win the race war

Since I'm not a Survivor watcher, I'm around a month behind on the news that the latest escapade has reached its conclusion. Survivor: Cook Islands, which raised such a hoopla because it featured racial teams battling against one another, has crowned its winner Yul Kwon. In case you couldn't tell from the name, the asians smoked the honkeys, negros, and wetbacks. That's right, people. Bow down to the master race. It's lucky that the final challenge wasn't something that involved driving.

I hear that England's Celebrith Big Brother show is having its own racial contraversy of late. Since the only reality show I watch nowadays is Top Chef, the only reason I even know about this is because it's splattered all over the news for some unknown reason. I guess our own stupidass reliaty shows aren't creating enough strife that we have to go gawk at foreign ones now. I have no real clue what the content of the supposed racism is, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that it's only racism if it isn't funny. If it's funny, it's kosher. Since this is a house full of limeys, it's almost certainly not funny.
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