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I miss shooting Trip in the crotch

So yesterday was the trip to Dave and Busters as a sendoff to Kath who's heading to Texas in a week or so. God help her. I don't think any of us believe it's going to be a good fit for either her or the state. Bill S had an idea that maybe they should get her a 'I <3 Bush' bumpersticker just so she'll fit in there. Apparently there have been some hints that lesbos are okay as long as they hold the right political ideology.

It's sad but Dave and Busters will always be sort of a disapointment no matter what since the battletech pods are no longer there. It's not like it's not still fun...but it will never be as good as it was. I had sort of resigned myself to the fact that I would never again pilot a battle mech again. After copious web searches, I discovered that the only battletech centers left in existance were all out west or south. The closest one to where I am would be either South Carolina or Michigan, neither of which is exactly a short trip.

It turns out, however, that all hope is not lost. Someone ended up buying all the battletech pods from D&B's when they ripped them out and the guy set up a center in his basement. Now he runs battletech events on a donation basis and the site is only around 50 minutes away. I dropped him a line about it and got a quick response in return. So far, things are looking good for actually getting a chance to pilot a mech again and, even better, I'll get to introduce the entire group to it. Well, at least Matt and Joyce. I have no clue how the Bills will take to trekking out there to try battletech. I'm pretty sure Matt has caught the fever however, even without ever having played the game in the first place.

According to the emails, the battletech group meets every friday and has their next large event in mid february. Because of Dreamation this thursday through sunday, it'll be at least two week sbefore we could head up there to give the pods a looksee.
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