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Score one for nostalgia

Ever notice that the things you remember and loved from when you were a kid are never as good as they were then? It almost dosen't matter what the experience is, it always seem so much better and brighter when viewed through the lens of memory. Disney world was more magical, candy tasted better, and cartoons were more entertaining. The worst is when you try, as a adult, to re-experience those situations only to find the whole thing stale or just outright bad. That's why I'm so happy to report that Pez actually tastes better than I remember as a kid. I have no clue how they might have changed the formula to make it but it's now flavorful and fruity, no doubt chock full of aromatic chemicals to mimic the taste of lemon and strawberry.

The reason I have this oppertunity to amble down memory lane is because I bought myself a couple sets of oversized Pez dispensors. They're over a foot tall and when you pop the head, they make sound effects and some have flashing lights. It's really pretty spiffy. I'll pop up a couple phots when I get a chance.
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