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Well, I came back and got a few hours sleep when I got home and I twiddled around unpacking and tossing out food that's spoiled since I've been gone. Nothing interesting overall. I'm thinking about taking the digital camera to school tommorrow and snapping a few shots there. I would like to take a few pictures of the rats but that would apparently open a can of worms that no one really wants to deal with. It might bring the hippie PETA wankers out of the woodwork, though personally I'd welcome that development. It might be sorta entertaining to crack of a few hippie skulls and those self righteous college students piss me off anyway. They bask in the health and well being that animal research has afforded them while waving their signs and chanting their trite brainless slogans. I'd like to see them sac a family member or two for their convictions but I doubt they'd be willing to let go of their hipocrisy.

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