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LJ poll results

It's no real surprise that there were only a few respondants to the poll. There's no question that most of the time I figure I'm talking to myself on here. It's perhaps also not surprising that the results show that I have no chance of pleasing everyone, or even close since so the responses are often antithetical rather than being clustered. About the only thing that most everyone agreed on is they don't want to see hippie-bashing, but I can hardly give that up. It's one of my few real joys to kick tree huggers and hippies.

Here are just a few more points I thought I'd make about the poll results.

1) sherilyn70's responses sorta baffled me a bit. If there's no content on the blog that you find even slightly palatable, then why continue on with it? Or perhaps that was just an attempt to point out that you no longer read along?

I'll be the first to admit that I'm sure that many people will find my particular sense of humor to be off-putting. That certainly hasn't been a problem in the past since there's nothing I like better than a good slap-fight and besides, if you can't find someone on the 'net in which you mesh with personality-wise, you probaly have no personality. Even crazy nutjobs manage to find people of like-interests whether that consists of burning crosses on other people's lawns, commiting suicide so you get picked up by a passing Hale-Bopp, or whatever else there is. There really is no good reason to suffer fools (whoever you think that may be) online.

2) Sorry quartzie but there's no angst meters because there's no real angst anymore. All the crazy emotional whackjobs I would punch about the head, fled for greener pastures ages ago. All of their LJs went friends-only and the like and while you might still be able to follow their whiney tales of woe, alas, I no longer am. Almost no one left really tosses up angst anymore. Maybe if you can find me a new set of people to mock, we can start it up again.

3) It's sorta sad really that it seems more people 'get me' IRL now than online. I know that's the way it's supposed to be but it still seems kinda creepy. It just seems that with the so many more people you run into on teh internets, you should find a corresponding greater number with like interests and things. Instead, for me the net pool is shrinking while the RL one grows. Weirdness.
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