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And in other news

Roses are Re... Ech. Just submitted a few of those valentinrs and got into a sort of rut.

Hotel rooms have been booked for Origins. I ended up snagging a trio of rooms at the Hyatt after the Crown Plaza proved to be booked solid. In the end, it was around $10 cheaper a night and I guess that's worth the lack of breakfast or free internet. I'm still feeling a distinct lack of enthusiasm about the summer cons but I'm sure most of that is due to medical reasons. It's hard to be all anticipatory and positive when you're not sure if it'll turn out to be a bloody and painful mess. Certainly if things don't improve, it'll probaly be a rough time for sure.

This friday is also the trip up to Pompton Lakes to give the Battletech Pods a whirl. Like most local events lately, I might look forward to them up until the date gets close and then there just seems to be so much inertia to overcome. I've been reading a bit about the mechs and operation manuals for them. If we're lucky, personalities will mesh well enough that this can become a regular sort of thing. It's always nice to be able to frag someone when you're having a bad day.
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