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Where's the autopilot?

Matt and I headed up to Pompton Lakes for battletech tonight straight on into the teeth of a mini winter storm. The location ended up being a bit further along than I had thought and with the snow and wind and rain, it wasn't a pleasant drive up. All in all, I think it was around 45 miles up which translated to over a hour's travel time.

The event itself was pretty spiffy. It's really amazing that this guy Michael (callsign: Sauron) managed to buy these pods and set everything up in his den/basement. It's remarkable considering the amount of work and setup that must've gone into it. He was commenting at one point that if you add up all the money he poured into playing battletech while it was at Dave and Busters and the amount he's paid to buy and run the pods, it's the equivalent of a new car. Now that's dedication.

My first impression is that it's a really good group of people too. No nutjobs or rejects, no Aspy's or social incompetants. I even bumped into someone there I already knew from Steve (The Evil One's) poker/game days. We ended up running in around 10 games or so each, and it was quite an experience to try to pilot the damn thing on advance mode. I still don't really have the hang of it and frankly, I'm not sure if I'll ever get around to acquiring the skill necessary. Something about the whole spatial orientation for the mech just throws me off and makes it very counter-intuitive.

The only real downside of the night is that I grabbed the wrong bottle of meds as I left home and so only had percocets on me and nothing else. I ended up popping one while there and suffered full blown nausea. I'm sure the FPS nature of the pods didn't help there. I find that repeated vomiting never really improves an evening.

By the time I was on the way home, I was in pretty poor shape with pain management and other issues. All I wanted at that point was a means to teleport myself home. On the plus side, a car traveling right in front of me got pulled over and we were both traveling around the exact same speed, 5 miles over the limit. I guess the cop just played eenie meenie and I got lucky.
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