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Breathe in, breathe out

Sleep is no longer restful. This has only been true for maybe a month or so but it's something I've been following with some amount of distress. Overall, I suppose there are bigger fish to fry since it's often a lucky thing if I can even get to sleep. The main difference as far as I can tell is that I seem to be either snoring or just generally mouth breathing when I sleep on my back now. This simply didn't happen before as people in the room when I was asleep were willing to attest.

Now I just found out that I'm not actually snoring either according to witnesses. I just seem to be mouth breathing or something and I have no clue why or if that's what's causing the lack of restful sleep. I'm wondering if maybe I should tape my mouth shut when I go to sleep and see if it makes a difference. I figure as long as I don't do too extensive a job, it's not like I could somehow suffocate myself in the night.

Anyone have any ideas on what generally causes mouth breathing when it's not accompanied by snoring or why it would lead to less restful sleep? Maybe it's sleep apnea or something. I've heard that, that can cause sleep disturbances in how restful it is. All I know is that it's starting to become really annoying. I'm definitely going to try the tape idea tonight and see how it goes. It's just as well that strangers don't see me sleeping all that often since that might be a wee bit hard to explain.
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