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A day in the life

Today was Bill M's birthday and the entire group of people trekked over to the resturant to celebrate just like last year. I think around 14 people showed up in the end. After eating and gift-giving, most of us stuck around and played a few board and card games. No one was interested in the superbowl results save a couple people involved in office pools. Bill made off with a pretty nice haul overall, a good mix of games and other useful things.

Matt and I got to chat a bit about the battletech experience and he seems to be hooked. He wants to make it back there as often as possible whenever there are events. I'm a little more reserved in my first impression, but that might have something to do with the prevaling nausea and vomiting. I find that tends to distort your impression of new experiences.

On a sidenote, that taping the mouth thing didn't seem to work out all that well. I felt like I about exploded my entire head open when I had to cough a couple times. It felt like my sinuses were all about to pop like a balloon. A quite unpleasant feeling.
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