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Like a light switch

It's really too bad you can't just toggle pain receptors on and off. I know that evolutionarily speaking, the ability to feel pain is pretty spiffy. After all, it informs you of damage and generally keeps you from doing stupid things. The problem, of course, is when it continues on even after the message has been received. In those cases, it would be nice to just be able to shut it off for a while until it goes away or more relevant data is received.

Truth be told, if that was avaliable, I'd probaly end up dying of gangrene or end up getting limbs amputated. The lure of just shutting it down and being able to live in blissful peace would probaly be too strong to ignore. Then all it takes is a few dings and the next thing you know, they're sawing off an arm.

In addition to my normal problems, one of my wisdom teeth started throbbing yesterday and has continued to sing a song of distress the entire day. The real problem is I know that tooth is a miserable piece of crap, and one day I'll need to get both top wisdom teeth removed anyway. I'd been hoping to put it off as long as possible because 1) dentists are almost as bad as doctors and 2) they cost even more in many cases. Why can't the damn tooth just rot in peace? If I thought there were a feasable way to knock it out of my jaw myself, I'd be working at it already.
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