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Every year, the same ol' thing

It looks like gencon borked registration again. In a situation eerily reminiscent of their fuckup two years ago, the system allowed early housing registration starting at midnight. I didn't find out about the screwup until this morning and of course logged right on to reserve a room. The drama then escalated when the incompetants at gencon central realized the snafu and, I can only assume, rolled dice to determine the outcome.

Random Gencon Registration Fuckup Chart (d6)

1: Problem? What problem? That's the way it's supposed to work.
2: Cancel all registrations, pissing off everyone who managed to get in, and start over
3: Keep all registration, pissing off everyone who didn't manage to get in and start the system back up
4: Tell people they get to keep their registration, but only if they sign up for Peter's VIP gaming badge and cough up $500
5: Press release claiming unpredictable cosmic rays interfered with their state of the art registration system that had been test and retested for years by non-diaper wearing NASA scientists to guarentee perfect results
6: Fire CJ for sheer incompetance and his inability to make it through a single badge/event registration season without a major clusterfuck

In the end a 2 came up and that's how they decided to play it. Frankly, I think it's a shame that a 6 is never rolled in these circumstances. They can blame the passkey people all they want but history tells me that if you're looking for an asshat who screws us registration, you don't have to look far.

So now, all there is to do is sit around till 2pm, the new start time, and see if the mad scramble results in a room reservation.
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