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No fondue forks for me

So to finish off the weekend recap, this past sunday was supposed to be the start of a new and temporary DnD campaign. Our group has spent at least a year and a half now slogging through The Shackled City, a compendium of linked adventures that was first published in Dungeon magazine and later turned into a hardcover anthology. The basic idea is that it will take your characters form lvl 1 to lvl 20 in one all inclusive and compelling story arc. The reason we needed a pause is because Randy, our cleric, is going to be AWOL for a time. His partner Bob is going in for hip replacement and despite my suggestions that he simply dump him in a home, Randy feels this unfathomable need to stick around and take care of him.

Since Randy wouldn't be around, it was decided that we would have a mini campaign of sorts run by Matt in the world of Monte Cook's Ptolus. There was some initial talk of having our characters run an undead brothel, an idea that I was really looking forward to and was disapointed to learn was viewed by everyone else as a gag. There's just something about the idea of having a lich with the pimp template that I find amusing. In the end, almost everyone else wanted to play a good character, which sorta makes me want to vomit. I decided to buck the trend with a soul eater and we're still trying to work out a way where things won't come to immediate blows.

Anyway, after the battletech until all hours on saturday night, there was no way in blazes I was going to make the DnD session. I had been pretty sleep deprived up to that point anyway, and add all the other events of the past few days and I slept like a dead man until I got a phone call at around 4 from Bill. Sunday just happened to be when we were going to go out and celebrate Matt's birthday. Him and Joyce were set on taking us out to a Fondue resturant, an idea that I viewed with a general lack of enthusiasm. It only got generally worse as I was barely able to haul myself out of bed, take a shower, and make it over to the Bills' place before we were supposed to leave for dinner. My head was pounding with nausea from lack of sleep and all I really wanted to do was doze off in the car.

Overall, the fondue place was an interesting experience. It was like some sort of yuppie breeding ground and had the racial diversity of a Klan rally. Everywhere you looked it was filled with upper middle class WASPs and even had a highschool birthday party in one of the larger rooms. Considering the price for a meal there, someone must've dropped at least a grand and change just for the meal. The food was good in that way that food is good when the meal stretches out for hours and you enjoy only when you weren't actually hungry or looking to eat. This is definitely not to place to go if you were starving and simply wanted something to munch. Dipping and cooking and poking things with the long fork skewers was pretty entertaining and my only real regret of the night is when Joyce screwed me over from claiming a set of the skewers by asking the waitress to take the spare set at the table when she knew I was planning to pocket them. Not that I had any real use for a set of fondue forks, but they looked kinda cool and maybe I would run across someone's cat while wielding them. Curse you, Joyce! Curse you!

It was really generous of Matt and Joyce to have taken us out to the place given how pricey it was. God knows that it exceeded the normal amount I would pay for a meal out by a couple orders of magnitude. Then again, I'm hardly know for fine dining and a cheese burger platter fails to put a big dent in your wallet at most places. We talked a bit about Chinese Hot Pot, comparing it to fondue, during the meal and I'm going to see if I can work something out for Chinese New Years this weekend. It shouldn't be all that hard to get it set up at the resturant and I think it's the least I can do in return.
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