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Valentine's Day

My Valentinr - henwy
Get your own valentinr

4 more hours until these nasty spew boxes pop open. You better hurry if you want to get in your mean anonymous comment or whatever the heck else you want. It's just as well you can't fit dead animals through the slot. I'll come back and edit this after the thing has opened up and disgorged its contents.

Roses are red
Violets are a blur
You're not as bad
As you wish you were.

Cats may come and cats may go
But I'm convinced
That somewhere within
You're hiding a prince.

You'll ride up on a white horse,
And with derring do, slay the dragon
Then steal the princess and all the gold
And pack them all into a wagon.

You'll ride long and you'll ride hard
Until you find a gaming store
Then you'll trade the gold for games
To play with the princess until she's bored.

At last you'll kick her out
When her blond brains begin to pall
And return instead to your normal games
And Gencon pals and friends on Live Journal.

LOL! - Truly awful, isn't it. :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

happy valentine's day!

i hope you get hugs and candy!

Happy Valentine's Day, Killer Breakfast Survivor! Who knew that having a cardboard cutout was a chick magnet.

All the cats of the world wanted me to tell you hi.

Happy Valentine's Day, cutie!!!

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