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Xtreme Killer Breakfast 2007

As this is the 40th Anniversary of Gencon ... and since Peter Adkison came to Killer Breakfast last year and was thrilled with it...

Gencon will be supporting Killer Breakfast like never before! They will be promoting this even for the first time in a big way and we are expecting not only a much larger crowd (as though they weren't big enough already) but also a much bigger venue to hold it in.

In addition, this year we will be video taping the event AND producing the biggest, baddest Killer Breakfast in history... with show tunes, too!

So, all this will necessitate some changes in our policies ... all of which we expect to be for the best.

[1] Killer Breakfast Hall of Fame:
If you have attended in the past, you know that there are some players who come every year and who bring it every time onstage. This year, for the first time, these players will be given preferential placement in the lineup -- at the sole discression of the DM. They will need to come early to the event to get this status but they will be featured players.

[2] First Come, First Die:
The remaining players who wish to have a chance to play on-stage will be taken on a first come, first die basis. This is actually the old policy being reinstated. The ticket price gets you in the door but there is no guarantee that you will get to play on-stage. My experience in the past has been that if I try to kill raw numbers of dead, the humor gets lost in the mayhem. This year, we'll play with our prey a bit more and not worry about the numbers.

[3]On the other hand..
We will still try to select a few of our players randomly from the general audience. You never know when the lightning will strike.

[4]Killer Tickets?:
This year the event is ticketed at $1.50 each. This covers Gencons ticketing cost and goes entirely to the convention. Me, I just put in the weeks of preparation for you guys 'cause it's fun.

Spiffyness. I <3 showtunes.
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