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A bridge too far

Bridge to Terabithia was always one of my favorite books as a kid and I'm surprised and happy to hear it's been turned into a movie. I still remember reading it as a kid and all the lessons it taught me. Things like how it sucks to be poor and why you shouldn't let girls participate in sports. It might also be the first time I ran across the idea that hippies might not be all that bad as long as they weren't uppity about it.

The movie version opened this weekend and the reviews seem to be positive. When I thought of movie adaptations for books, it never even occurred to me that with CG, Bridge to Terabithia would be a good choice. There wasn't much focus on specific descriptions of Terabithia as far as I recall and I'm sure that gave a lot of freedom to put together a magical kingdom. It probaly also helps that the person who wrote the screenplay for the movie adaptation is the son of the author of the book. If anyone has a good conception of what Katherine Paterson imagined Terabithia to be like, you'd have to imagine it'd be her son.

I'd love to get a chance to see this movie in the theaters but it's probaly a moot hope. I probably average only a single movie a year at movie theaters for various reasons and this one already has a few strikes against it. It's unlikely I can convince anyone I know to come along for what will essentially be a kid's flick. It's the same sort of thing I ran into when the movie adaptation of Charlotte's Web came out (another of my favorite boks from when I was a kid). If anyone with less discriminating friends gets a chance to see this movie, let me know how it is.
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